Roberts Asphalt is a leader in the asphalt maintenance industry. With more than two decades of experience – and tens of millions of square feet of pavement surfaces maintained, sealed and striped –  we have the knowledge and ability to preserve and protect your asphalt, extending its life and saving you money.

Phil Roberts, president of Roberts Asphalt, has been working with asphalt since 1993, when as a student at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky., he managed an apartment complex. His first assignment from the property owner was to seal the parking lot.  As he was working, several people stopped by and asked if he would provide a quote on sealing their lots.  After turning away the first requests, Phil recognized the demand for asphalt sealing service and a business was born.

Working out of 55-gallon drums, Phil successfully grew the business in Lexington but soon realized that he wanted to move back to his hometown of Owensboro, Ky., where he started the business anew.

Roberts Asphalt quickly expanded and began to invest in equipment for greater efficiency and better results.

Today Roberts Asphalt continues on the cutting edge of asphalt technology with the latest proven equipment, including infrared asphalt reheating equipment for the highest quality repairs.

Satisfied Clients

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